Welcome to my blog. My name is James Wrigley. I am a 22-year old politics graduate from the University of Manchester, and also hold a postgraduate law qualification.

In this blog I mostly write about politics, with a focus on the politics of the United Kingdom and the United States. However, occasionally I digress and share my views on sport or other subject areas. I began writing this blog with the aim of further improving my writing, as well as to have a chance to share my views on subjects which I am passionate about. I also hope that the skills which I gain in writing this blog will aid me as I explore a future career in political journalism. 

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, cooking, golf, and swimming. I am also a keen skier (and a qualified ski instructor). In addition I am a voracious reader, and love live music.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles which I post on my blog. I welcome all comments and hope that you will find time post a response. Please follow my blog, or my twitter page so I am able to alert you to all new blog posts.

Thank you very much!